Wynn Yang is an audio engineer operating in Hampton Roads,VA. He is the owner of First Wave Recording Studios along with his partner Jennifer Webbert. They met while both studying Music Technology at Virginia Tech. 

Wynn has recorded and produced music for a variety of artists with genres ranging from Folk to Classical. In his work, Wynn is focused on capturing transcendental moments that immortalize the 'magic' of music. He prioritizes creating a world of sound that encapsulates the best of a performer without compromise. Wynn has accumulated a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in how best to do so. Regardless of the task at hand, Wynn is dedicated to realizing any artist's vision.

Humble beginnings with The Silent Majority. Circa 2014.


In the studio with Orange Culture. Circa 2020.


'Wynn made me feel so natural that recording a solid take came with ease. First Wave Recording studios has helped me grow as an artist by creating an organic setting that results in the most authentic expression of ourselves through the music.' 

- Sam Janousek (Sidewalk Slammers) 2020

I’ve been working with Wynn Yang and then First Wave for 2 years now and I can’t recommend their services enough. They are professional, hip, and very talented. I’m excited to record more projects with them and I can’t wait to see them grow even more.
-Terrell Worrell (Green Woods and Speakeasy) 2020

'Wynn is a very fun teacher who knows what he is doing, and is very compatible with.'

-Leo Feng 2018 

'Wynn played an essential part in my music video project titled “Does It Matter.” His expertise made the project a success. The future holds great thing for him.'

- Estelle Ellis- Fonville 2018

'Wynn has a skilled hand when it comes to creating music using live instruments and beat software. I recorded my first 6 songs with him and it was a smooth process. He worked with my vision lyrically and helped me learn a lot technically along the way.' 

- Demetry Johnson 2018

'Working with Wynn not only shows his passion for the art through everything he does in the studio, but also shows how he truly cares about you. I went to Wynn when I was feeling this numbness in my music and honestly working with him has brought back my love for my music.' 

- Jessee Miller 2018

Wynn has proven to be extremely reliable and self- motivated. His inquisitive nature and interest in the recording arts has given Wynn an exceptional educational advantage. With each endeavor, Wynn has proven to be helpful, courteous and polite to my customers.' 

- Zac Taylor 2017 (ZacTaylorMusic and Langley AFB)

'Great producer and musician, he is flexible and willing to work with you to meet your genre/style of music. I recommend working with him to anybody' 

- Tristan Miller 2018